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About me


I'm a 37yr old mother of 2 little babes, aged 1 & 3yrs.  Wife of 6 years to the best man on earth, we have been travel partners and lovers for 20 years.  I'm Cancerian and once apon a time I grew up in Albany, WA but it's definitely way too cold to ever live there again!

I'm a hippy at heart.  Hubby and I once did a lap of Australia in a Troop Carrier which took 8 years stopping to live and work along the way.  We have also done the odd handful of trips OS and have come to realise we are no where near finished travelling this mysterious world.  

We've landed for now in the place we could not be happier to raise our free range children in.  Exmouth is a truly unique and dusty little town adorned by the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef and surrounded by ancient red dirt and limestone ranges, so we are continually exploring the amazing array of heart filling experiences in our giant backyard.  We can't wait to show more of this wide world to our children so adventures are always being planned.

I'm a photographer to the people who feel emotion and want to express their depth.  I want to be your story teller without having to use words. 

Photography is something that is as much a part of me as my left arm. I honestly don't know what I would do without it in my life.  I want to know and learn more, to push myself to get closer to the inner stories of the individuals who allow me to photograph them and find that raw grit that subtly exists.  But I also want you to have fun, and I want you to be relaxed in my presence to showcase your organic and authentic self.

If you feel like we might be a good fit, or you could challenge me in some way, please, get in contact!  I'm always open hearted and minded...


Lots of love, Renae xxx


Image of my little family thanks to our sweet @raemariephotography